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June 26, 2009

iljb#30: Starving.

Is this how poor people feel like? lol. I mean I am starving like no other and no, I mean I am really starving. I can’t believe how far I’m getting by with this week by just eating the food at Jamba Juice. Honestly, that is how I am surviving each day…I am living off of their food. Why? Well I don’t have anymore food in the apt., I don’t have money, I am left with just scrounging some change to help me pay for gas, and a bunch of other shit like rent that is preventing me to buy food. -__- that is why I hope to win that gift card at work… shoot safeway here I COME! lol. I need food…its sad. I even asked my sister today if they can make me food…well after fuz, I will be going home to pick it up. lol. I have an interview tomorrow for Best Buy and I am friggin excited because finally I get to go on an interview for another job! FINALLY, however, this job is in San Bruno…I hekka thought I applied for the Colma one…fuck this…I am hekka gonna waste gas =[ son of a beetch. I need to wake up early today so I can get that gas…Man…this is really bad habit…sleeping this late in the morning. Its because of that damn Sims 3 game. I am kind losing interest in it cause its really taking over my life – lol I have other shit to worry about like this job and earning more money.

I’m not in the pits as much as I was last year…however…I AM still REALLY struggling to pay off shit…FUCK…two more months and I will have fin. aid ONCE AGAIN! lol I’m funny =]. Its hard trying to keep an upbeat spirit when you’re starving and …I wouldn’t say sleep deprived but … you know! shrugs. Off I go…Ryans here. UGH so killing my blog moment -____- lame lol I’ll blog before I go to FUZ.

YES. I am starving as we speak…=[ lol