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June 24, 2009

iljb#29: Maybe that was the point…

After a long day of just working, running (which was an epic fail lol), losing my key, going downtown, walking around, catching up, and a bunch of other stuff, I just came to the realization that my life could be worse. I am at this crossroad and I have a path that I can or I can choose to stay right where I am right now. Theres sooo much that I want to express, but I am lost for words to best describe them. However, I did come up with a profound epiphany at work today.

Why do we have to subject ourselves in giving an answer or an explanation of why we love, crush, are depressed over someone? Could it just be we just are? We are sometimes lost for words or even a plain explanation of reasoning. We like reasoning, but sometimes you can’t reason reasons. Sometimes, not all the time, do we encounter such a situation and feel such a strong emotion that it boggles our mind and dumbfounds us that we end up feeling stupid. Its another realization that life can still surprise us even though we’re just used to the same old routine and situation as before. And if you ask me – fuck the system. The “This is how it is and should be” kinda system. Fuck the friends who give advice about how we deal with situations like these, no disrespect to them or anything, but sometimes we just want folks to just hear us out. Fuck the “you don’t even know them that well to be acting like this” kinda feelings. Well shit let me do me and handle it aight cause honestly, you dont need a reason to fall, you fall because you have no reason!