iljb#25: Unmasking…

Since the recent revelation I had with myself a few days ago, I have just been trying to comprehend this epiphany. I guess bad habits are hard to quit. Dwelling on the past sure isn’t healthy either, but I seem to be finding myself in such misery. As I talked to Lena about what’s been going on, she shared her inside on my situation by sharing her outlook on life. She said that in life we wear different masks with the different people that we interact with, however, because we wear so many different masks, how do we know who the real “me” is? She continued on with saying there are three sides to us. The first, is the one that everyone sees. The second, is the one our closest friends and family see. The last, obvious, is the person we rarely let others see.

Lets just say. I have had a lot of thinking to do tonight…

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