iljb#23: The Crying Game

Crying isn’t always a good thing especially if you have alcohol in your system. To be frank, I wished that last night didn’t happen. I felt a little bit embarrassed for acting the way I did last night, however, I couldn’t help but let it all out. These past weeks have just been rough and I haven’t really let it all out…unfortunately, I let it out on JPs birthday at Sadachis. lol. I cried about my bff, my single self, and well everything in between. It was crazy because I got hella faded off of beers before we went to the restaurant – so unlike me. I then drank more later…blah…I was a hot mess. Crying all over the place, excusing myself from the party to cry alone. I hate crying in front of people…I tried to be strong last night I really did…but it just came out.

Talking to Mary today, I felt a lil bad…she has no idea…when I meant after Kit…things haven’t been the same with relationships…I wasn’t lying…=/

I guess its another one of those reality checks that I needed…turning over a new leaf so I can end this crying game.

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