iljb#20: Looking back

im hekkkkaaaa missing him =[ so shut up. so i think to myself, damnnnnnnnn im sticking to one guy this time around…and thats how it should be. none of this fucking around with other niggas, messing around, whatever. that shit just creates hella drama and uneccessary emotional baggage not needed. but yeah…sticking to one guy this time around and i like how im approaching it this time around. its nice to know though that ive been knowing this person for a year now on and off. i dont remember how it came to be, but i think it had something to do with him messaging me from downelink. i didnt think much of it at the time because i was like who the fuck is this nigga trying to get at me. wasnt really getting at me, more like talking to me. and at that time, random fucks would just im me. but this fool…i think stuck around even after the fact that i gave him a hard time. mmm he turned out to be cool and shit…it was only last summer that i really did get to meet him for the first time. it was exciting because i did end up having a lil thing for him, but it died soon after. never did i think id find him really attractive in person. boooooooooooy did i ever. haha. i was soo shy and so quiet and ahhhh =x, but it was nice. fast forward and its the beg of the sem. and i got to hang out with him more and more…it was awkward at first, but time would tell. it wasnt until late nov, early dec did i find something i wanted to persue. for a month or so i kept in touch with this guy from across the globe. it was cute =]…then we he came back…mannnnnn it was great. i thought to myself…all that praying and all that waiting sure did pay off. and i will admit to myself, that i do like him a lot and i aint tryin to fuck this shit up right. i like what we have. we can call each other. talk and laugh about shit. be hella gayyyyyy and itll be okay. go places just as long as we have each others company, cuddle, watch movies, fall asleep next to each other, help each other in school, FIND ONES CELL PHONE LOL, and be cute =]. hes hekka cute. he really is! like cece says, “i hekkkkkkka like him” *whines* lol. too bad he lost his phone! nigggga. i think he gets me and i get him. im just glad we’re both starting off the new year with each others company =] hekka cute *squeezes cheeks* he makes me forget about everything else. =] muahhhhhhhhh

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