iljb#17: Beach Reflections

I went to Ocean Beach this afternoon after a long nap today. Didn’t attend my DAI class…MY ONLY class this sem. SIGH. I feel like somethings wrong with me, like this rooms haunted and every time I’m in this room I want to go to sleep. I don’t get it. Anyway, I was at the beach and it was cold, but nice at the same time. I lightweight got to see the sun set. It was pretty – I wanted to youtube. LOL but didn’t have a camera. Instead, I just kept on replaying “A little Bit” over and over on my ipod …dancing to it at the beach too. The fun stopped when a man was running towards me and all of a sudden the water creeped up to me and well…wet me…I played it off like my feet didn’t get wet…cause the man was coming towards me and I didn’t wanna ruin his run by me running too. I dunno…I’m retarded …I got wet shoes and socks…ew feeling. But yeah I just felt real emo and just listening to the song brought be back to kit. I just remember when he dedicated that song to me and I was just like mmm today cause its like…did I give up way too soon…I mean what if he was the one…and I just gave up…mmmm I dunno can’t go back now, but I just kept thinking about it…sigh…=/ LOVE…

but how we move from A to B it cant be up to me
cuz you dont know who i was before you
and basically to see a change in me i’d be losing

One Comment to “iljb#17: Beach Reflections”

  1. i feel like that when im in my room too. thats why i cant study at home anymore. stay up b.

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