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April 26, 2009

iljb#16: Stop the tracks, let me state facts

I think its a sign that I ain’t supposed to be involved with anyone right now because obviously theres just a lot of shit still being talked. TALK TALK TALK. Some people love being in love with my name. First off, time to state fact. If you don’t know me personal, have never had a deep conversation with me, have never hung out with me, have only heard shit about me…YOU DEFINITELY do not know me. I am not what you say or believe. But be that it may, people will continue to make me famous in their eyes by talking some shit. I guess if folks aren’t talking about you, you ain’t nothing. Second, why does it matter? Why do I matter in your life? Why do you feel you need to talk? PLS…let me understand…and pls…sigh. I am done.