iljb#15: Bitch pls

I’m not one to cause a scene nor am I one to make a bad situation worse and because I don’t I feel like I have built up frustration in me. So I’m just going to say it plain and simple. BITCH PLS!!! Bitch pls you say I am fake from the get. How the fuck are you gonna fucking say I’m fake when all I have done thus far has been real and honest. If I was fake, I’d continue the relationship we had and kept going to hurt your feelings. NOW that would be fake and fucked up. BITCH PLS you say you love me because to be honest, if you love someone you don’t go accusing them or creating fabricated stories about who they are. That ain’t love buddy! You don’t say shit like I thought you were real and I put my all in this. BITCH PLS, listen to yourself. WHY you gotta prove your worth when I already know. Why continue the cycle – when you know we already discussed our situation multiple times. AND BITCH PLS, you don’t threaten someone you love by saying, “You’re lucky I left your car alone.” BITCH? OK…you a fine example of a psycho bitch. And like you said, “I said all that in frustration…” maybe before you speak you should ask yourself how this will play out in the future. And bitch pls, stop trying to make yourself look like you the better one in this situation. No need for that. Because without question, we already know whos character weighs more than the other. BITCH pls, don’t tell me to grow up because obviously you’re acting like a child who needs major attention. IF YOU DON’T CARE about the flowers or letter I got you then fuck, throw em away – instead of saying, “no I have more respect than that – i rather just give it to you personally…or if not, go to your work and drop them off.” BITCH YOU CRAZY? lol. SERIOUSLY. They’re just flowers and its just a letter…I would understand if it was clothing or something, but flowers and a letter? BITCH PLS. You gone fucking psycho on my ass. And don’t tell me, “I wish you woulda told me that you just wanted to be friends in the beginning.” WHO the fuck says that? BITCH PLS, I obviously didn’t want to therefore how the fuck was I supposed to tell you – and bitch…I didn’t know you was gonna end up fucking crazy. AND I’m sorry that you can’t keep up with my level because though you are way older than me, you act way immature to grasp whatever I got for you. SO BITCH PLS. It was all or nothing with you…I didn’t want us to end up like this…I just needed time to figure shit out and I did think about us in the future, however, you pushed me to feel how I feel right now and assures me that I can’t go back to that. Its not healthy for me nor you. AND ITS BEST. Funny how folks show they true colors during crunch time…

AND to sum this all up in a fucking bow…


nough said…ugh…

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