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April 3, 2009

iljb#11: 1on1

Today was – wait yesterday – was just a roller coaster ride of events starting of with Tito Dan. I sure didn’t know what to expect, but the unexpected. He put a lot of perspective and authenticity into what he was telling me. The man is wise and the man speaks the truth. However, I did want to refute what he had to tell me at times, but I knew that doing that was just playing the “victim” and causing this fabricated “drama” in which I am in. I did gain a lot out of the conversation and walked away feeling accomplished. People are there…if you ask for help. Asking for help? Yeah…I needed it.

Afterwards, I went to the annex and I got a lot of work done for two of my classes. Well it was more work than I have been doing these past two weeks. Luckily today class was cancelled so I had the rest of the day to just focus on work…or something like it. I’m proud that I had accomplished what I did, yet I feel unaccomplished now because I feel soo…tired and restless about later on tonight.

MCing…wth? YEAH holler at cho boi…haha man…I dunno what I’m getting myself into, but as Casper said…I shouldn’t worry its nothing to trip about. Additionally, I feel like I can handle it so why the hell am I trippin…

I mmmm like going in and out of sync and I have no idea what it is…I feel like I haven’t been telling folks whats been up just because theres just too much to take in or its just not the right place or time…=P well…

I can breathe…so I should be fine…right