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March 29, 2009

iljb#10: Love Comes & Knocks You Down

Truly inspired by Keri Hilson’s Knock You Down and tonight’s events.

Its crazy when you are introduced to someone for the first time and right off the bat they catch your attention, not only because they’re attractive, but also because they have something more about them that entices you. I might be crazy or might be jumping the gun right now, but I honestly felt like that tonight. Meeting someone and well light weight…flirting? Or …I dunno maybe thats just me. However, out of all the people in the party tell me why he wanted to check up on me or talk to me…MMMMM haha. Not the point, the point is…sometimes you meet folks for the first time and you two click instantly…shockingly…surprisingly. The story this young man had to tell me about his current situation reminded me a lot of mine and well the only difference is this time around is this guy is legit, in college, and well hes got shit going for him. However, he did do something that was kind of a turn off, yet…I didn’t mind…I was inebriated. Just the fact that I was able to relate and well just talk to him made me just cringe at the fact that he was with this stupid guy for a year…when HELLO MR JOAQUIN’s been looking for a guy like you…I guess things happen for a reason right? I mean…tonight was a night that wasn’t mean for well interactions with strangers, yet I met a few, and well this was one that stood out.

Theres a song that describes this…I think its Alicia Keys “You don’t know my name” haha…sooo my song to describe my situation. I’m kind of infatuated right now, but I know thats its just that. The dude lives far and well I did make a video inspired by it…that…well…go ahead and get it whatever you want…and don’t settle with just OK…

Did that make any sense? lol…I was just like “DUDE!!! I’m HERE! TAKE ME NOW! TAKE ME HIGHER! I’M THE MAN YOU WANT!” and me being very confident I wanted to ask for his number and well tell him how I felt already about him, BUT I controlled myself and didn’t do any of that. HAHA. It might have been weird…but…whatever…I doubt we will see each other again…and I doubt that we’ll make that connection again…shrugs…only wishful thinking though…

FUCKKKKKKKKKK. He was just adorable. lol I was so like omg you soooo want me like I want you! 😀 haha he’s all “talk to me” HAHAHA I shot a “have real talk with me” back. LOL hahah fucking crazy. I wish folks video taped my life cause seriously its worth watching. 😀 HAHAH

SIGH…love knocks me down like nothing…it keeps getting better doesn’t it haha…I do feel like I’m close to finding him…I do…thanks God. =]]