iljb#9: GAHY

I honestly don’t understand why fools be acting like the way they do. For me, I would at least want the person to break up with me and then do something else with another person. I mean its wrong, but its legit ya know. Don’t fucking cheat on someone that really loves you or cares. We all have done our damn share of bad decisions, but its like when you know you got something good…why the fuck are you gonna go throw that shit away? I dunno…its ugh…

The fucking world is fucking showing their face to me one day at a time. SCRATCH…I just read my horoscope on my mac that if there is a new person trying to get into your group of friends, relax, they ain’t gonna do nothing. HAHAH FUCKKKKK you serious? I swear zodiac horoscopes are the best…

I just feel like honestly the whole fucking world is showing their true colors to me one day at a time…its like damn do I really know you? Or do you even really know me? To fucking lie to me like you do…? MMM whats the deal people??? Where have all the good ones gone…

ok…blog later today…I’m too tired to focus.

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