Off The Record.

I spent days, restlessly thinking about you
I spent hours counting the minutes and seconds I have missed without you here
I continue to face defeat every day
I crumble slowly inside
realizing that everything that was will never be again.

I spent days wondering what happened
I spent hours telling myself it’ll be okay as I see the seconds pass away
I continue to regret the day
I continue to crumble slowly inside

I know you well
I wish you all that is
I know things aren’t going as planned
but I know things will come to view
as the days go on
as the hours and seconds tick
I’ll continue to think about us
for you will be in my heart somewhere
forever with me.

You run your mouth with gossip.
Filled with passion and information awaiting certain reactions.
Your days are half spent listening
while the other is half spent talking
not about your life, but of others concerns
As you continue to consume your head with problems not of yours
but of others.
As it grows on you, it slowly consumes your everyday routine
You feed off the little things
and spread the information on to the next
Circling you is the knowledge of everyone and everything
You know more, but none of this concerns you
You act as though you know the solution
You feel like you can solve each situation
You want to be included in all
So you continue to run
for stopping is not an option.

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