iljb#7: All the fame and such.

I never thought youtube would be anything more than just posting videos up of myself. Boy was I wrong. Its been more than just a space for me to vent, help and give advice, or to find random stuff on the internet. Its been a great resource to connect with folks all over the world or local and find similar interests. It still gets me when I get stopped or recognized by folks who watch my videos. “You’re ilikejoaquin right?” haha it is mind boggling. The ego of having such a “celebrity status” hasn’t gotten to my head, but it does make me smile. ha.

I’m trying my best to get partner just cause I figured its another way of income for doing what I do. lol but its been unsuccessful…I already got denied. LOL. WHATEVER. jp. However, hopefully in time I will. Shrugs. People really do adore my gay series, I think its very different from many gay series out there on youtube…that I am very proud of. For me…I’m just an ordinary guy who does ordinary things who happens to just post it online for public viewing. Looking back at everything…man…its been a ride.

Its also been crazy because ever since I made everything “ilikejoaquin” based, its been easier for folks to get a hold of me. The only thing now is to change my sn lol…blah =_= haha. All the fame and such…oOo man.

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