iljb#6: Communication 101

I’m sick an tired to have to deal with folks who don’t know how to communicate well. It seems as if I’m having more communication issues than I used to in the past. With all my current relationships, I feel that its just getting the best of me in that I have to really have patience in the situation. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t focus at a time like this.

I step back and laugh at the situation I’m in because its ridiculous how simple the situation is that a lil “misunderstanding” or “communication” can alter the whole situation and escalate it. I AM FED UP! YOU HEAR ME! FED UP with this bullshit. This isn’t how my semester is supposed to start out. This isn’t how 2009 should be panned out to be. WTF is going on T_T. I know what I’m worth, I know what the fuck I’m doing.


FUCKKKKKK -__- I’m frustrated. I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m everything that doesn’t involve a smile. I’m dissatisfied with things…


If there was a class for communication 101, I could recommend it to folks to take…wait you already did? MMMM it sure doesn’t seem like it.

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