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March 4, 2009

iljb#4: Sunny Sunshine.

Today is remarkably and surprisingly sunny? Whaaaat? Is this a foreshadow of what today might be like? Unfortunately, my day has been less than sunny. I ended up sleeping again through my two classes this morning. THIRD absence -_-. I know for a fact that we were watching a movie about Rio in one class and the other class was just review on the readings…I think. But all I really need to do is engage myself in the readings so that I can catch up. SERIOUSLY…the last reading I did for any of the classes was two – three weeks ago. YES, my fault, but YES lack of motivation for learning about city shit. In other school related news, Steve Jones liked my design for my menu!


I was the second person to go and I just did my stuff. I was using my communication/presentation skills on the class. I saw a lot of head nods and a lot of interested folks looking at my design. It felt good because I really thought I would do poorly or get called out on a lot of things, yet Steve (my professor by the way who happens to be the hardest DAI professor in DAI) said my design looked professional and that it was good. I was relieved! =] Later in the class he called me out for using my laptop LOL so my good graces with him kinda cancelled out -_- LOL STUPID.

This class is the only class I’m really interested in yet I am not following the reading as well -_- Somethings gotta give. WHAT THE HELL is it? I don’t know…blah…

In other news, yesterday was an eventful day of DRAMAS! To think that this drama couldn’t get more worse that it already was…it did. How are you going to hold a position in an org and act like you did inappropriately to a member of your org with total disrespect? MMM talk about safe space for PACE. Now I know we have our grudges on each other and what not, but the letter or response I got from a particular person was not necessary.

I DONT GIVE A FUCK IF YOU WERE OFFENDED” – mmmm I think you should since you a hold a high ranking second to head. And I think you should “give a fuck” because you’re way out of line.

YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE YOU KNOW WHERE I GO TO SCHOOL AND YOU KNOW WHAT I FUCKING LOOK LIKE…DONT FUCKING BOTHER SENDING ME ANOTHER EMAIL COZ IF YOU DO IT WILL BE A JUMP OFF IN THIS BITCH! ” – What is this? Bring it on? I didn’t steal no damn routine from you, so why you acting like I did!? And whoa I have no idea what “be a jump off in this bitch” really means. To be honest…are you threatening me? HA remember when we told you and everyone else that you wear the responsibilities and role where ever you go? MMMMM I guess because you’re always right and you always have a point to make that you forgot this. =/ awww I’m sorry.

I would like to see a verbal apology, if not, I would like to see his resignation from his position. I do not respect any one, especially something that I helped built for two years, to go a head and disrespect me in such a fashion that is quite unqexpectable. Did we forget professionalism? Its funny because before all this he wasn’t scared to “RUN HIS MOUTH” to everyone, but when he was called out, he got all flustered and decided to call me out for a brawl! LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA oh fuckkk if I don’t call that “hilarious” I don’t know what is.

I could ruin your orgs reputation with a quickness. Its a simple email that would be sent out to the yahoogroups. I could make this a bigger problem than it really is. However, I rather just ruin your reputation as an alumni student of 355, a current coordinator, and as a student at SFSU. You think I messed with the wrong person? Think again.

Sunny Sunshine to you all…
Cause I sure am having a FABULOUS Wednesday – sarcastically speaking.