Sleepless in San Francisco

The night air, cool breeze, and piles of homework left undone just tops a wasted day. Having these nights these past weeks have just been…well a reality check that I need to get on my shit before I repeat myself like last semester. I can’t continue to sleep at 1am or even 3am constantly and wake up at noon or even later. Not good for my health nor is it a good habit. Since I’m not doing PCN, I figured I’d have more time to myself, a semester unlike any, yet I feel like though I have all this free time aside for homework I am not doing just that…I am just wasting it on checking my accounts online and making youtube videos. I’m finding it hard to get interested in the Rio class that I am in because all the reading seems so difficult to grasp unlike my other urbs class I feel that the reading is decent that I can actually comprehend what I am reading. sigh these sleepless nights just get to me because I feel like the days are so routine that I already know what is ahead of me tomorrow. Class from 2-5 and working on design…shouldn’t I enjoy this shit? BLAH…unfortunately I am not…however, in a few days I will regain my sense of likeness for my major…

Until then I am restless…
and sleepless in San Francisco.

2 Comments to “Sleepless in San Francisco”

  1. ok…so your struggling with finding motivation. Oh BTW, im listening to “He Heals Me” it is pretty good. My advice is to ask yourself why you are procrastinating? Usually your answer won’t be sufficient…and that is when you should do something about it. I find it so funny that you can motivate people so easily and vlog without thinking, something most people could never do, haha…but you seem to find getting through school work is soo…idk unimaginative? well w/e it is that is keeping you from completing your work just know that the day will come when you wish that all you had was school work. keep your head to the sky.

  2. Wow, this post has really awakened me, which isn’t a good thing as I should be sleeping right now, but i completely relate to what you are saying…I now know what I must do to get my ish together, so thanks from a sleepless and restless person in London. Oh yeah, and WE the best. BRAAAP!

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