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February 11, 2009

Things. People. Change.

You can’t help but think…wtf? When you see something not right…sooo wrong. Its like…WTF? It makes you think because you don’t know if its done intentionally, subconsciously, or just done to be done.

Notice these small things. These things that make people function. That create our existence. Don’t judge, but we do judge others. Be there, but not be there. People are grown, but sometimes act irrational and childish. Change.

Sometimes change wont ever come as much as you wish it to be. Sometimes change is hurtful, but must be accepted. The fact of the matter is change is that thing that makes people…


The things that people do change who they are.

And the change that each person does alters the things that matter to them the most.

Important. Not important.
This blog. What makes me think that people change…