Why am I scared to put my heart out again for someone new? Why am I scared? I always tell people, as long as you put out your best, you shouldn’t be scared. You take that risk and thats fine. But why can’t I follow my own advice. This advice of taking a “RISK” seems more of an arduous task than I thought it would be. I keep on playing the same love songs over and over. Attaching meaning to each one…relating it back to my situation. Is this why I don’t want to risk it? Is this what I am afraid of? Loving once again? Picking up the pieces that have been shattered on the floor?

Dramatic as I am making it seem, it really is a tragic story of my life. The more I put myself out there, the farther I get from what I want. To risk…to RISK…maybe. Maybe not…

2 Comments to “Maybe…”

  1. “Without risk, there cannot be reward” – Unknown

    What love songs? I hope no Chris Brown! lol
    I got some playlists you may like.

    Keep ya head up man…one day at a time.

  2. If you are searching for answers…there are none, love does not work that way. By now you know how hard it is to put your heart into a relationship and come out of it changed; hurt, yes, but there is no denying that your a different person. It must seem like a burden to have to RISK investing time and patience and love into a new relationship especially when you don’t have the superpowers of seeing into the future, but that’s no fun. DARE to love again. A wise philosopher once said that “all humans beings aim at Happiness because it is an end in itself” and if we value happiness for its intrinsic goodness of which LOVE is a part of, then don’t you feel like love deserves another try?…keep your head to the sky.

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