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January 21, 2009

The Lifted Burden

As the days endured, however long it was, today finally came like a long awaited dream. Today, the burden has been lifted off my shoulders and I can financially hold my head up high. For many weeks now, ever since December, I have been working to pay off bills. Now, I can say that with a little help from financial aid, that I am able to feel at ease that my financial burdens are no longer burdens anymore. This time around I have a better grasp on what saving money really means and how my spendings do add up. 

Thats one of my resolutions this year, to better handle my money wisely and to save. Time and time again, I have felt that I was too gracious with spending money, but after realizing the damages it can cause…I have now better prepared myself. 

School is around the corner and I am anxiously awaiting what this semester has in store for me. I know there will be a lot of adjusting that I will need to do, but I know I have a better head on my shoulders this time around. 

Relationships with my friends have been constantly changing – but for the better. Every day and every week that passes, I am amazed of what remarkable people I am surrounded with – truly the best people I will ever meet and will NEED to meet. There comes a day when you just realize that you are the luckiest person in the world to have the friends that you have right now. Unexpected get togethers, one on ones, moments that will ever be treasured in our memories…these are the moments worth dying for. 

My popularity of youtube has amazed me since I never would have thought I would ever have an audience of 1000 +. If you’re one of my fans reading this…<3 you. 

Well my day has really started early and extreeeeeeemely tired =X. I’m happy though =]