Happy 2009

I cannot believe it, it is 2009 people! Happy belated New Years! =] So it seems that the last time I blogged on here was November. My gosh…what has the world come to? I guess I really was/am busy with life that it just got the best of me. Shrugs. Usually, I am still able to vent a lil here and there or just write my thoughts, but I guess…well even now…I’m just too caught up in life. 

The fall semester I had was probably the worst semester I’ve ever had to encounter in all my college career. I swear, once you get older and become a upper classmen…shit does not get any easier. Ahead of me are my classes in DAI and I’m both excited and scared. I don’t know what to expect and I don’t know where it will take me a few months from now. 

I can’t even predict my current job and where that will take me. Being suspended from Jamba, having Macys, going back to Jamba, then just dropping Macys…its just like WTF Joaquin. Its like one or the other. Macys is great and everything, but my manager is just soo…aloof that its turns me off to go back. However, I did see that I got a raise? Which is weird cause I swear I thought I was done with Macys. lol.

I’m slowly going back to blogging because it is therapeutic and well lets just say, I’ve been stressing out these couple months because I’ve been lacking it. Well…thats all for now…I guess I’ll blog soon =]

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