Did I mention its November? Yeah its November…WHAT AM I DOING TO IMPROVE THIS SEMESTER? Absolutely nothing. If I fail this semester, I know that there was good reason to fail…some what…not entirely, but somewhat. I have been overwhelmed as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs about life. I think its just gotten more intense to the point where I’m not used to handling these situations that are coming at me. For one, this whole BakitWhy things. Never did I imagine such a site could be so influential to many…but more so…I never thought I’d be influential in a bigger sense…man this NorCal event that happened yesterday…just took a lot out of me, mentally and physically…I just can’t believe I did all that…fuckkk…I wanted to cry towards the end cause it was emotionally draining…I friggin went out the night before, didn’t eat, had work and was busy, then straight to Bakitwhy. sigh…can someone say PACE?

I’m sitting in my bed…irritated…shrugs…well I wanted to go into it, but nm…Its too hot and I have a lot to do before tomorrow…sigh hella procrastinating.

life took a step back…


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