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November 8, 2008

Prop 8

I feel like this past week has been a week for me to just speak out and be heard. Whoever hears or reads my message and has some sort of opinion about the topic means that I did my job right. One voice matters like Obama said. That woman was fired up…and it took her and a few others to make Obama fired up…Listen America…you wont silence my LGBTQQI community…we’re fired up…we’re ready.

I don’t give a fuck if your religious, democrat, republican, white, black, asian, gay, straight, man, or woman, young or old. The fact of the matter is, everyone knows what right and wrong is…especially when it comes to treating others in fairness. We are brought up to be respectful, to act a certain way to others, to be polite, and so on. However, it seems to me that when folks grow up, everything that they learn is just disregarded and all hell break loose when they enter the “REAL WORLD”. The real world in America is, not everyone has the same creed. Everyone is different ethnically which, means different practices. So to place this religious bullshit on Gay Marriage is a real fucked up excuse. In addition, finding out that a good percentage of Utah Mormans supported the pass for Prop 8…just pisses me off. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ALL ARE GIVING YOUR TWO CENTS TO CALIFORNIA WHEN YOU WONT BE FUCKING LIVING WITH THE CONSEQUENCES! YAL ARE KNOWN TO PRACTICE POLYGAMY, SO DONT GIVE ME THIS BULLSHIT ABOUT GAY MARRIAGE. I just don’t fucking understand why this is happening…the thought process of all this…the fucking logic!? I’ve even said to myself that what if folks who said that they supported PROP 8…actually didn’t and voted in support of it so they wouldn’t be looked at as discriminant against gays…UGH well real talk…its your own guilty conscience that you’ll have to live with. UGH…if you’re straight and you can laugh at gay jokes, gay television shows such as Will and Grace, but supported Prop 8…I want to give a BIG FUCK YOU! THATS BEING A HYPOCRITE! OMG…you’re soo funny, but you’re gay…UGH and whats worse is GAY PEOPLE who don’t give a fuck about this issue…i know how that is…I was there before, but I’ve grown to understand that as a gay community, we must stand by each other to help our brothers and sisters gain their rights…which ultimately are our rights too. I feel its a socialized mentality of heterosexism that has played a used part in these young and old gay individuals. You’re not part of the majority…WAKE UP…you are the minority!!! Its like this whole issue on marriage is like a big bully and taunt session times 10000000000000000. And I hate gay people who place the “You voted for Obama” card. THE hell I fucking voted for Obama. As far as the change he will bring. I believe he can do that. However, yes he doesn’t support gay marriage because of his religious beliefs. AND I FUCKING RESPECT THAT. Because he goes on and states that he believes its up to the state to decide that for themselves. I know the Southern States would never pass a proposition for gay marriage, but I know states such as Florida, Arizona, and California should be given the opportunity to choose to have gay marriage in their state due to the population of homosexuals in that state. With that said. STOP FUCKING MAKING YOUR VOICE HEARD IF YOU DONT LIVE IN THE FUCKING STATE UTAH! YOU DONT HAVE TO LIVE HERE, YOU ARE NOT GONNA GET AFFECTED BY SHIT WITH THIS, SO STAY THE FUCK OUT YOU STUPID MORONS!!!!! YES MORONS!!! When folks say, stop bitching…stop talking…California has spoken…it only feeds me more and gives me more reasons to tell people like that to shut the FUCK UP! If its over you say, why the fuck do you keep on leaving stupid comments IF IT IS OVER? If you care enough to care to leave messages like that, then the fight ain’t OVER now is it!