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October 30, 2008

Before I sleep…

Before I sleep, I just want to just lay some things outs. 

First off, thank you to those who recently commented on my blogs. Again, I do read em and I wish I knew how to reply back, but sometimes it wont let me or people just leave random names haha. Its nice to know there are some folks out there looking out for me or want my well being…even if some of them are strangers. Again, I want to say thank you for leaving down your feedback. I think my blogs are more intense than my vlogs…so whatever you read on this page…is real legit…again…thanks! ❤

I guess, all these emotions rushing through me have just been piling up. Theres so much I want to express and feel…that it comes to a point where I don’t know how to exactly do that. I’m just tired…emotionally and physically. Theres nothing more than I can do to …dust this shit off me…theres nothing more than I can do to just…let things go…it is what it is and I guess for now I’ll have to deal. It has come to the point where I rearranged my post its on my wall where all the colors are in one group. I guess this is my way of trying to get a grip of my life…

I’ll be okay though…these emotions are just getting the best of me…but I’ll get through em right? 

Sigh what bothers me is that the folks that say “they care” about me or whatever it is…haven’t onced really checked in with me…to see how I’m doing…all they probably do is read what I’m saying…thinking…yeah this goes out to you! i just feel that support system is lacking from you and if it was there, I think I can better deal with the situation at hand. I mean…fuck…=P

All I can do is live my life…if you only knew that you still have a some affect on me…if only you knew. But its cool cause we’re living, breathing, we’re doing fine not having each other in the picture. We’ll be fine.