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I decided to highlight this blog that I found about Prop 8.
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10/21/08 03:37 PM 
Some of my research on Prop 8… 

This document is specifically dedicated to Proposition 8 on the California ballot this coming Nov 4th 2008. I am not speaking out against anyone’s faith or religion. I strongly recommend seeing “For the Bible Tells Me So” for information regarding that, or you can call me and we can talk. 

I would like to examine some of the claims that are being made by the proponents of Proposition 8. 

1. “If proposition 8 passes, gay marriage will have to be taught in the public school system.” 

This is the biggest claim that “Yes on 8” is making. This is taken from California school code 51890. Code 51890 includes grades k-12 in the public school system. It is for comprehensive health education programs. The section regarding marriage specifically applies to the legal and financial aspects and responsibilities of marriage and parenthood. This class does not exist for kindergartners… or even those of elementary school age. Somehow I don’t think they would understand the legal and financial aspects of a marriage. So this leaves us with the possibility that gay marriage will be taught in high school? Not quite. Again, this class only teaches the financial and legal aspects of marriage… not who to love and not why we love. Also, this class is only a requirement for school districts seeking state funds for health education, which not every school does. Furthermore, the “yes on 8” campaign left out code 51914. Code 51914 states, “No plan shall be approved by the State Board of Education unless it determines that the plan was developed with the active cooperation of parents, community, and teachers, in all stages of planning, approval, and implementation of the plan.” In addition to this, California law also gives parents broad authority to remove their children from any health instruction if it conflicts with their personal beliefs. I’d also like to point out that you must be kidding yourself if you think teenagers know nothing about sexuality. 

Also, in relation to the first claim, proponents of Prop 8 tend to point to the Massachusetts school system and what their children were being taught in public schools. I think everyone knows we live in California and not Massachusetts, right? We all know we have our own school codes? We do. See response to claim 1. 

2. “Churches can lose their tax exemptions.” 

There is no wording in Prop 8 that has anything to do with Churches or religious services. “No religion will be required to change its religious policies or practices with regard to same sex couples, and no religious officiant will be required to solemnize a marriage in contravention to their religious beliefs.” (Official ruling by California State Supreme Court judges) 

3. “Prop 8 is about preserving marriage, it’s not an attack on the gay lifestyle.” 

Proposition 8 is not about preserving marriage. To “preserve marriage”, I recommend banning divorce. Proposition 8 is taking marriage rights away from everyday people. And by taking rights away from someone, I believe that is a direct attack on someone’s lifestyle. 

4. “The best situation for a child is to be raised by a married mother and father.” 

One of the areas that I’ve done extensive research on is the effects on children who are raised by homosexual parents. Each study has found the exact same thing. There is no difference. What the Psychological Association, The Pediatric Association, the American Anthropological Association, the Sociological Association, and countless others have concluded is this: a child is best situated when a committed couple is raising them. It has nothing to do with sexual preference, but it has everything to do with a strong commitment, such as marriage. Furthermore, it is found that homosexual couples have a much higher percentage rate of adopting mentally and physically disabled children. 

Proposition 8 blatantly states that it eliminates the rights of same sex couples to marry. No one deserves to have rights taken away from them. No one’s marriage deserves to be voided. 

If after reading this, you still are in favor of passing Proposition 8. I ask that you look directly into my eyes and tell me, “No, you are not equal.” 

Authored by Ben A., 2008. 

2 Comments to “Prop h8te!”

  1. I would like to question the direct correlation between sexuality and family living. If homosexuality is in fact a characteristic that is nurtured within the home, how is it that many homosexuals are raised by traditional heterosexual couples? The existence of homosexuality within a heterosexual household confirms that sexual preference is not influenced by family living, nor does it identify in any way with the gender of the parents. Thus, the fear about homosexual couples raising children will some how influence their sexual preferences is absurd. The bottom line is that sexual preference can not be instilled onto others, making quotation number four a statement driven by other factors than those of keeping in mind the best interest of the children. I believe that the true fear of people is the fear of change. Having homosexual parents would make it socially acceptable to the future generations as it will be what they observe and comprehend to be part of the norm. By making homosexual households socially acceptable, negativity towards this concept would subside. The increase of social acceptability along side the decrease of negativity will allow the future generations to live in a world of acceptance. In this case, Prop 8 is in fact the only hazardous factor in protecting children’s well-being and family life.

    NB: This is from a Canadian perspective, indicating that this is truly a global issue.

  2. Until we ARE treated equally, we have ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION to pay federal tax. None. Gay Tax Protest.

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