This video is beautiful. FOREAL…damnit, I kinda teared up. FUCKKKKK. UGHHHHH…-_- the video just gets to me…so many fucking reasons why…but fuckk….AHHHH


I can’t feel defeated if I already lost before I started. 


You try to be the “friend”. You try to be the “bigger person”. You try to do shit because you know its in your best interest to make “peace”. When actually…its make things worse. Aight…I’ll give you want you want and if that means I lose, then be it.

One Comment to “FUCKKKKKKK”

  1. OMG I’ve watched that video like A MILLION times. I can’t get tired of it. I tear up every time. It’s soo beautiful. FINALLY, real music is back. The lyrics and melody don’t hide behind the beats and instruments. The lyrics are soo deep and meaningful. I can totally relate.

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