I just don’t fucking get it? STILL, I know I’m not over it, but please, how can you blame me. THE SHIT I DID was like…fucking priceless…the guy was…FUCK! I dunno. To know that I was just another name in his book of people hes done this to boggles my mind. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU LIVE LIKE THAT? Why do you live like that? How do honestly expect me to believe you when I don’t even know if what you’re telling me is a lie? FUCK! Where is your integrity? Ya sure you can talk about how smart you are and use your vernacular to express how you feel, however, you’re poor decisions make you look and be a dumbass in many peoples eyes. Though I said, I would be your friend, I don’t see it…

I FUCKING DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were the perfect lyric to my love song. You were the apple on my tree. You were…FUCK!!! I don’t get it!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? PLEASE help me understand. “HE” already told me you wouldn’t confess to your wrongs, yet its like…don’t I at least get a lil explanation for your actions? I know you read this shit. COME ON! Like real talk…what the fuck? Why do I deserve this? I was nothing but fucking nice to you. 

Please, help me understand. I’m a fucking understanding person. PLEASE! PLEASE! -_- 


I think thats why I’m angry. FUCK…real talk…ugh…fuck this…FUCKKKK

One Comment to “Frustrated”

  1. that’s pretty complicated, along with the issues in church and other stuffs,MAN I SALUTE YOU!

    I have this friend whom i cared so so much, to the point that i treated her like my girl, then one day came, she doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore.. i tried talking to her but she didn’t compromise, and so i let her be, then one day she came to me and we talked, she explained to me that, “its OK that i care, but i care too much”, and so we exchanged sorries, now were good:)

    Im just wishin you all GOODLUCK, time would come, those memories will be gone, youll just laugh about it in the future or maybe not, sure the healing might take some time, but the sure thing is you learned, hope that makes sense 😀


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