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September 14, 2008

A bunch of rambles

OOPS. My bad for using “nigga” in my recent video. There is no excuse for me to use it. Honestly there isn’t. I just have been used to saying it around folks and stuff. I’m aware of the consequences of using it and what not, but yeah I guess thats one of the words that just need to get out of my vocabulary. Don’t get me wrong, its not like I use it like in every sentence…usually only when I’m mad. haha ughh this is such a taboo topic to talk about. But overall, my bad and didn’t mean to offend nobody 😛 and I will do my best to take that word out of my vocabulary. 

Anyway, I hate being caught in a “drama” and I just don’t get it why lil drama. end…I’ll write about this later…:P

September 14, 2008


I think I’m going to start compiling all the wonderful messages I get on youtube to remind myself that I’m not alone and that this “romance of a movie dream” I have for myself…does happen. Its cute cause its like AWWWW see it does happen 😀 hehe…I’ve been so out of it lately cause recently I’ve just been fantasizing about…that romance…shrugs…=P blahhh =( I’m sad again. lol

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September 14, 2008


I feel so disappointed with myself right now. I totally did not do any homework this weekend, leaving me with a day and a half to finish all that I need to before Monday. UGH I hate the fact that I fucking have to do a million things in a short amount of time. I know its my fault, but fuckkkkk. I shouldn’t have taken responsibility of something I wish I didn’t take. UGH…someone please save me. I spent the day working and doing a vlog HAHAH ughhhh my fault I know, but I have no motivation to touch my hw since its all my major shit that I’m like dreading UGHHH I’m not ready nor prepared. FUCKKK =( school anxiety is what I have =/ the fear of doing hw. lol hahah =/ Anyway…Friendship Games Oct 25…Looking good, looking good. oOo man…responsibility..

So I ran today and I was running right and I had a major loogie, so I spit while I was running…the loogie landed on my fucking hand. UGHHHH gross…I was shocked, but didn’t stop since I was almost done! So I wiped that shit on my shirt…made it worse! ugh…sooo fucking gross 😛 haha I hope no one saw 😀 hahah

UGHHH I MET MITCH…but he was like ughh to me that night as he shook my hand…like a disgusted look…I’m like WHATEVER bitch haha…you’re an ass! hahah…

sigh…I’m going to try to do hw 😛 TRY!

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