So I figured I post some pictures on my wordpress to make it look more appealing to me and to my viewers (if I have any lol) Its nice to write rather than video. I swear, taking it back old school. Don’t get me wrong, vlogging is awesome, but the core of logging my life is better written instead. I also figured that I should do the “UPDATE” thing on wordpress like my videos to give it more consistency of sorts 😛 Anyway, I am on a hiatus from youtube, facebook, and myspace for the time being due to…well nothing really, I just need to focus and not have those site be a source of distractions. BLAH! But its only been a day =( haha whatever. 

So again, I updated my site with photos, so check out each link page I got to see some new photos. I think its supppper fun! =] haha. 

Speaking of fun, I had fun last night in Saratoga at Erics Bday party. SHOOT. It feels good having money, friends, and alcohol…can’t you tell from the picture to the left =] haha. I love it. I also love the fact that Cruzan and the sake I got was the perfect topping to my eventful night. 😛 haha. Sooo I vlogged last night about gay folks pretending to be straight when I know for damn well they ain’t haha. YA FEEL ME! Like real talk though…why they gotta front like I don’t know. Shoot…anyway, I had fun playing that “game” last night. I mean…I had to find out…My mission is like 75% accomplished haha. 

Sooo today I ended up being sooo productive that I cleaned a lot. I cleaned, did laundry, and well ORGANIZED my life so that I can function before the semester really picks up. I do this to keep me sane…ahhhh sanity is something that needs to be kept sacred. ahhh. I was also able to have dinner with JP and family. I hart both of em =] hehe. Speaking of family…my mom is voting for McCain!!! Shes a friggin democrat, but because theres a woman vp, shes voting otherwise! UGHHHH . In a way I feel that McCain got a woman vp is so he can get the women vote since he knows he aint going to get the popular vote for sure. I know now, that Obama is a for sure bet that America needs. If America fucks up again, I’m going to just live in the Philippines…foreal though. America better make the right choice and listen carefully to what both parties are saying. As far as I’m concerned Sarah is against gay marriages and McCains youtube is full of propaganda towards Obama. Its soo dumb because his campaign videos seems to just target Obama rather than PR for his own presidency. Its sooo dumb. UGHH. I’m excited for this election because I finally get to vote. I want to encourage folks to look into Obama and voting for him because he is the change America needs. TRUST in that. Anyway, my mom is cute =) haha I was like, “I’m sooo not talking to you for three months mom.” haha she didn’t care haha. 

And speaking of JP! I fucking love him! We got to spend the whole day together basically. He took me to this Burmese place which was bomb, we did laundry, and then bowled! AWWW eventful night? SI. Productive? SI! I love it! =] I love you JP. UGHH I hate bowling with him cause my self esteem goes down…then again I hate bowling in general. The fucking bowling ball rolled off my fingers and dropped on the floor. Basically, everything that a loser who sucks at bowling happened to me tonight. UGH…but it was fun nonetheless haha

Sigh…its early in the morning…I’ll finish this up later 😛

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