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August 21, 2008


Because everything is happening this week, I feel soo exhausted and tired. BUT, it is honestly the best week ever! I haven’t even youtubed LOL or got back and replied to folks…I feel bad, but whatevs…by the way youtube is getting way outta hand to the point where I can’t respond to folks…=/ sorryy if you’re a fan reading this lol =/. Anyway, lets get it…

17 – It started off with Erwin coming up from San Diego. HOLLLAH! After Erwin went with JP and Alister to Japantown, we headed to Vangies surprise party. Right when we walked in…[ silence and stares from a crowd of high school folks ]. I hear in the background “SoReal Crew?” hahahahah and I was the first one they saw…Holler! hehe LOL jp. But Mark D had a feast ready for us. SHOOT I grubbed like a fatass. We then headed up stairs with our coronas LOL haha sooo high class.

We chilled for a good while and ate until we headed back down where we played a game. (By the way, I want a guy that looks like that guy in red! lol what a cutttiieee hahahahah STOP IT JAR! lol) Soon after, Mark D dad came to us and gave us a lesson on Pilipino alcohol…he then went on telling me to ask my dad if I knew about the alcohol he was drinking. LOL I was like in my head…mmmm I’ll try =/ hahah. It was all good though. Good family party and good time spending with friends. YAY! We then all headed home and I dropped them off and went to church. It was a good mass. The priest talked about God being the reason for everything we are and without him, we wouldn’t be. I was so emotional towards the end of church that I almost cried at church. Then at the end, we were extending our hands out to a mother and daughter who were leaving to live in Chicago and it got to me…I was thinking…damn God is good for what he does and God will do everything in his power to make sure that their family is guided by the Lord. It was a sweet goodbye that got me choked up. When mass ended, I decided to cry it out in my car =/ which was good. Phew…

18 – I had work at 5am in the friggin morning! UGH haha, butttt I had the best 5am shift in the world. It was chill and wasn’t too bad – real slow. We thought had an OSC, so Allie and I made that place sparkling (I found out the 2 days later that we didn’t have one ughhh). I thought to myself, damn I love cleaning haha. That place was CLEANNNN!!!! I got off work at like 9:30 – took a nap and woke up and did a design for Friendship Games. Pretty much did that the whole day until Alister and I went and took Erwin to Boba. Ster got me Boba which was nice =]. We then headed over and played games on this touch screen console (which looks like it was from the 90s but whateves) . Erwin was playing this Q&A game and for some reason I knew most of the answers. Lucky guesses for me, but it was weird haha. I guess I’m good at guessing LOL. Erwin won and decided that he was APNOYBEATY LOL hahaha you had to be there hahaha. Then we headed home and all I could remember from this day was Carl, Erwin, and I playing fucking HALO! HALO!!! Dude I was like fucking winning for the longest time, I was like SHOOOT! hahah ERWIN talks a lot of shit! lol…then again so do I haha.

19 – I woke up real early for some damn reason to check my account and to my surprise, I did not only get my jamba check, but part of my financial aid! WHAAAAAAA lol the first thing I did was pay for bills! lol after paying a couple of hundred for bills I was feeling a whole lot better. Since these bills have been the death of me the WHOLE summer. I was like phew. I then continued to buy my contacts and pay part of my credit card. heheh lets just say, I was on cloud 9 at 8am in the morning. I then proceeded to do laundry that morning since I wasn’t able to since I had no money to do it and an oil change that I had been needing since May. Ryan, Erwin, and I went to Lucky chances and then … we were in the car when Ryan spots my cigarets and then throws em outta my car…ughhhhhhhhh I don’t need em anyway, but fuck!!! UGH! We stopped at Best Buy where I proceeded to find a camcorder…which I didn’t end up getting, but instead a new camera which I’ve been needing! SHIT is crazy haha saw Mike =] Holla cutieeee! heheh I soon had work which was whatever, but I wanted to get off right quick, but WHATEVER! Didn’t happen. After work, Ster, Erwin, JP, Vince, and I went to happy hr at Elephant Bar…it was aighhhttt, I didn’t care…I finally had money! HAHHAA. After Erwin and I played Halo…where he continued to diss me haha BITCH. Later that night, JP, Erwin, and I went back to MV. I dropped them off at JPs house and I went to mine. 

I LOVE MY MOM! AWWWWW she had KFC ready for me hahah how she know? ahhha we talked and caught up which is always good. I was able to kinda catch up with my sister too. AWWW =]. I told my mom I wanted a ring for my finger. And she goes and bust out her collection. HER collection and hands some rings over to me haha I’m like mom these are for girls and shes all guys wear them LOL ohhh man! haha same with the earrings. haha they literally were lemon drop earrings. haha. I spent a good time with them – I also left 100 for my sister to share with my mom in her bag 😀 hehe secret! hehe I then went home and knocked the fuck out!!!!

20 – Morning and MARY WAS ON MY BED! lol haha oh girlfriend =] lil snuggle bun! haha for some reason I just keep on waking up hella early! ugh anyway, Terri, Ryan, Erwin, Mary, and I already had a full day ahead of us. Ryan added on by saying we should go to MV with him to eat all you can eat sushi! WTF haha I KNOW! haha. We all got ready and went for a ride to go to tuti melon since it was still breakfast…on the way we were signing hairspray songs! I LOVE HAIRSPRAY! HAHAH it is one heck of a soundtrack. We then find out its closed. UGHHHHH so we basically just went for a joy ride haha. ughh jerks…anyway, we then got ready for MV. Went towards the SUN and FUCKK…it was HOT!!! 


WAIT BRB…lol this is soo long…lol