(Above: “Youth Rises” featured on http://www.BakitWhy.com

This was definitely one of those videos that gave me more affirmation that what I do in PACE, BakitWhy, or even educating folks about certain things really do matter in the long run. More importantly, what I have done with PACE and BakitWhy for our community really does help expose our youth to think about certain topics that they probably would have never thought about. 

If Pilipino college students like myself continue to fight for full equity, try to host high school conferences for the young Pilipino youth, exposes Pilipinos to the richness and history that Pilipinos have in SF, and in the end we find out that our youth didn’t really care about any of those topics/issues…then what was the point? What was all that hard work for? Like Joana said, we have to think Globally and realize we all affect one another. The point is – as young adults in society, it is our responsibility to make sure we correct histories past by exposes them to our youth.

As I grow older and grow out of this college scene, I know I will continue spreading awareness about certain things, but I know at the same time that I will have to handle my own life and what I’ll have to deal with. Meaning that the activism I once had wouldn’t be as strong, leaving me to say that it is the youth, the younger generations job to take on what we have struggled and fought for for many years.

If no one fights for what we believe in, then the fight itself is already lost. 

I believe this is the reason why I continue to raise awareness of certain things – certain topics to folks on my youtube and through BakitWhy.com. Its that knowledge that keeps our history and culture alive. It is a responsibility that I still have – THAT THING

“Knowledge is power, but if we don’t know our own history we don’t truly know ourselves.”

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