Most def…not

Most definitely loved opening today at 5:30am. I really did, no joke. I guess early this morning I had a rush to just work and work. I guess I got mine when today we found out that we were going to have our OSC. So cleaning every part of the store was a must. It was slow too, so thank god. There was a flood in the walk in haha. I opened it and was all…”Uh oh…Allie…” haha fun times. OOO and we started our shift with Chris Brown…soo come on who wouldn’t be excited. Most definitely! 

Ugh…I keep checking my account ever so often to see if theres money, but its the same old 0.00 HAHA. ughhh I can’t wait to get paid tomorrow and get fin. aid soon. A brother  needs a hook up right quick. Real talk. Money makes me happy, but right now…I can live a few days without it…most definitely not after the 22nd! UGH. Real friggin talk. I can’t wait to splurge on myself lol haha sounds so xxx. Most definitely. 

Soooo I’ve been getting this comment lately, 

“AWW you look like MITCH! from Supreme Soul – NOT!. uhhhh wait what? I wouldn’t say so, but come to think of it…”HE LOOKS LIKE ME!!!!” wth =_= haha the difference with us is, isn’t he short? mmm I can’t dance. He’s a cutie lol. He probably isn’t gay! LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH *rolls on the floor laughing* 

OH MAN, I can’t believe this is it…last week of summer…ew freshmans! haha jp =]

Today is cleaning day at 11k. UGHH lol most definitely not -_-

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