Never had one of those…

I never had a birthday dinner with my friends. Not even in high school and most definitely not even when I turned 21!!! I guess it explains a lot about how I don’t care so much about a petty day such as my birthday, BUT all of that is going to change this year. Turning 22 is the new 21 for me. I’m going to try my best to make up for what I never had prior to 22. I think I deserve it. So I found a place to host a dinner at, but the thing is…its crazy how many folks I want to invite, but the fact that some restaurants don’t sit big groups…Why not Bucca, why not Cheese Cake? Well my friends and I have all been there, I wanted to try something different and somewhere we’re all not used to going. 😀 ICE CREAM after 😀 yay. Now as far as other than a dinner…well school is already starting and theres little room to add a party or whatever, but maybe a grown up happy hour will suffice. mmmm 😀 yay. Like I said this is going to be the best week ever!!! haha. I mean the day of my birthday will be spent in SoCal! 😀 COMMON NOW! hahah. SWEET. 

Anyway, I’m feeling DWELE. Hes awesome beans 😀

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