I couldn’t have said it any better…

What a great start to an amazing end the last days of summer. REAL talk. I cannot express what a great kick off I’ve had thus far. 

So, whats so good about the week of the 17-24?

17 – Vangies surprise party / Church / Finds out I got a shout out by Hopie =] (http://www. myspace. com/hopiespitshard) / Erwin Mendoza comesssss 😀 howlah 
19 – I get paid
20 – Frandels 22nd Birthday 😀 
21 – Terris 21st Birthday 😀 / Nellas 21st Birthday / Welcome Day performance at SFSU / Fin Aid
22 – Fin Aid / Happy HR / 11k party?
23 – Vince, Mary, Alister, and I go down to SoCal for BakitWhy BBQ in Bolsa Chica State Beach / Happy 22nd Birthday to me / hang out with SoCal heads =] / go to SD after 
24 – Hang in SD and go back to the bay to start the first week of school

I just can’t imagine the other surprises thats bound to come outta this week. I don’t think I’ve ever been this ecstatic about a week…maybe because this week is soo good? haha probably.

But real talk, the only reason why I’m doing this blog at 2:40am is because I had a wonderful day in UC. I spent it with good folks like Tin, Jen, Jello, JP, Alister, Mary, and Hazel came by later too. It was a spontaneous trip for me because I didn’t have this trip in mind. We had KFC, watched the Olympics, and ended the night with a fantastic view of the bay. I ❤ the bay and my wonderful homies. Real talk, it was one of those moments where I felt things just fell into place and things in my life are pretty good. Can’t take that kinda feeling away, ya know? I guess its cause I realized AGAIN, what an amazing week I’m going to have. 

It started off slow this morning, cause Friday really bummed me out. So I ended up going to work with Mary and catching up with her and having a venting sessions. You know when you have a good day when you’re able to vent a lot of random shit. We watched Gabe Bondoc like a billion times and talked about how he might be going to SFSU. haha oh man. We also talked about life in general…but overall a mix of a lot of shit on our mind. I was able to even do a video while I was there. Candy, eating subway, and a good talk equals a very good fucking day! 

So I want to just switch gears and just say that the Lord is good. You know, its been a rough couple of months financially for me – and when people say money don’t make you happy – uhh they lied. Money helps you function and without it you are unhappy. haha, but today proves that the Lord got my back. Even with my overdraft that I currently have which is 100 + I was able to get tips on Friday which led me to have some cash for the weekend before I get paid on Tuesday which makes me thankful that God is looking out for me cause I really thought I was gonna starve this weekend. To top that, I was able to get help for JP with gas which will def. last me till Tuesday. So as far as the Lord on my side, he definitely is. Its crazy how things just fall into place when you realize the Lord is there with you from the very get. I believe that without faith in him, your life is nothing but shit. I believe I had a great time today because God gave me the spirit, friends, and the love to experience all that with the folks I truly care for. Its amazing. God is good. GOD is so good. 

SIGH. I’ll leave it at that =] 

One Comment to “I couldn’t have said it any better…”

  1. yee for socal!!!!

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