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August 15, 2008

The Bridges

The next big thing! I love this song! AHH

August 15, 2008

Feel Good Music

So I’ve been knowing of Dwele, but I guess I never really took the chance to hear him out. So now that I have, ahhhhh I’m on his hype right now. I love his beats and the way his music makes you feel. Right now on rotation is “Body Rock”. OoOo weee. Talk about hit bangin! OOo man…I think his music is perfect for SF, just cause its one of those artist you listen to on a rainy day or a foggy day. haha well at least for me. 

So I have no work these next two days which is awesome cause I can chill the fuck out. Finally! I was on the verge of quitting two days ago, but my manger talked to me and was like wtf is wrong with your attitude. haha literally. So I told her how I felt and I guess things were put into perspective. Jamba Juice is an easy job and well I shouldn’t quit now…been here for 10 months…shit. But yeah made me think about my past jobs and how I always had to find something wrong with it in the long run. I was cool with Macys until my new manger, after having 3 in the past months, was getting on my case. She never understood or took the time to understand me like my current manager. I guess thats the difference in me staying and not, if my manger cares to have me. So for now, I’m koo. PLUS…I work with food, sooo it helps me survive. HAHA. 

So I was able to go with Mary, Vince, and Mark to Marys casting call last night. It was nice and different. Definitely 21+. Its crazy because its not until recently have I really been taking advantage of this 21+ thing. Weird…I had a whole year to really do it, but not until recently haha. Which brings me to think about my birthday next week. AHHHHHH no friggin way? Is it really here? haha wow…I’m soo…shocked? It came by so fast. On a different note, I figured this summer would bring love or something like the summers before…but this one definitely did not do any justice for me. I guess that just goes to show growing up is a struggle and finding your mate is even more of an up hill battle. 

😛 I like my new layout =]