For public viewing

ive had this wordpress for quite some time now and ive been keeping it on the dl. but most recently, i decided to add different pages to my wordpress, but i figure it made no sense if i was the only one that was able to see it. so i guess this is the big unveil of my life, thoughts, and rants. 

i used to have xanga (who didn’t) and i used to write a lot about how i felt and go in depth in my life by self analyzing myself. id get a few comments here and there, but as i grew up i moved to other things…like myspace and now youtube. i have a great fan base on youtube, which is pretty amazing considering that a few months ago i was …nobody, but at least now theres a good chunk of folks watching me…

now, possibly reading. i guess i wanted to give a personal insight to my viewers and friends on how i think and most definitely how i feel about life in general. i believe that how i am on video, in person, is so different from how i write. even i surprise myself after reading the stuff i write. believe it or not, i love writing more than i love making videos. writing has always been a passion of mine ever since high school. i used to write poetry constantly and i used to write mini stories. i guess as you grow up, i realized that you don’t have that luxury to spend just doing leisurely things like write. but, i feel that i must bring that aspect back in my life. i find it therapeutic and gives some order in my life. like i always tell folks, writing helps organize your emotions, so do it because it will help! 

i think writing says a lot about me. especially how and what i write. the complexity that comes in what i choose to write describes a lot about who joaquin is…im not an easy person to know. trust. these are raw thoughts…for public viewing.

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