i had a wonderful 4th of july. it was truly a memorable one for me and for my friends. my day started with spending time with my family. my worries were bothering me because my phone bill was on my mind and so was carlos. the fact that i dont have a phone right now is taking a tole on me because this affects me not having a second job. ughhhh i didnt think it would affect me this much. sooo throughout lunch i was just like ugh…how am i gonna pay for these bills…then the loan thing came up…lets cross our fingers sigh…my sisters been helping me with finding focus groups…but right now its just applying…none have gotten back. if they did…id be doing pretty alright right about now. sigh…i wonder how many people do focus groups. anyway, we ate a chabaa and then tuttimelon. haha fun times. 

after, i was invited to go to uc to marys bbq. overall this made my 4th of july memorable. im glad i decided to go cause i was about to say no to cheralen…but i ended up going. frandel, alister, cheralen, and maurus went to uc. it was slow at first, but once we got there we started to eat. lol well i did…and sooo my binge eating began. soon after, i decided we should play basketball. TO BE HONEST, i havent had that much fun playing basketball since…ever…lol playing basketball was fun! i had fun shooting hoops. lol i sound so manly. it was such a guy thing for me to do that i was like HEYYY hahahahahaah. playing with marys brother was fun too, jo, but his comments about gay people was getting old. saying frandel was a girl and hes gay blah blah. more on that later…

then the real festivities on eating started. pizza, bbq, salad, chips, soda. OMG all the unhealthiest things on the planet at our feet. lol…and i ate more and more and more I HONESTLY dont know where i put it. it was like every hr i ate two or three of something. ughhh this has never happened to me. deng am i really that hungry? lol i feel supper full though so yay! hahah. we also watched the eye with jessica alba. it was cool. but not too scary…it was aight. 

then we started our fireworks festivities. i never did this before so it was something new for me. yay for pictures: 

AWWW fun! haha thanks alister. anyway, it was crazy cause there was a house in front of us that kept on doing REAL fire works in the air, we was like wtfff haha. but it was good times…a lot of smoke and a lot of fun. lol. i kept on eating GAAAAHHH!!! Headed home and here i am right now…

oh marys brother…i dunno it was just annoying how he had a lot of negative gay comments. i was like wow…i need to not be around you cause i will slap a bitch. i was like i cant believe this. i dunno at first i was cool with it, but then it got too much…man…kids these days…i just wonder…

OoOoO sorry to switch gears but i hella watched ABDC last night and shit was tight…

i think two of my favorite performances of the night. sigh lil mama needs to stfu sometimes…ugh she dont know what she be talking about ugh…

OoOOo another tangent. watched the queen, finding forester, and man of the year…amazing movies =] yay…summer. sigh…

i have work tomorrow, sooo ima chill for now…summer is looking up…

i miss carlos…sigh

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  1. Hello. And Bye.

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