sleep n randomness

so how you do it is you sleep at 7 or 8 and wake up at 11 or something the next morning hahahahahahha. thats basically what i did. i swear i was just planning to take a nap, but nooo…i ended up just sleeping through the night. which is good since i dont get much sleep. i think thats the first time in a long time for me to sleep that long. thats actually unheard of for me to do. i basically just wasted my night last night. whack. hahaha anyway, i feel refreshed, but more so more sleepy. blahhhhh. so my plan today is REALLY do ncpacc…ughhhhhhh WHERE IS MY MOTIVATION FOR PACE? its not there anymore. hahaha honestly whack. ugh anyway, im feeling a lil better with my finances just cause my moms gonna help throw down 200 and all i really need to do is throw down 140 so im okay for now…soo phew…i feel a lil better…man these two months have just been financially draining on me…next month…wont be too much of a problem. 




hahaha…my plans as follows

pay for credit card, pay for my rent, phone bill, try to pay off my big bill thats ruining my credit…wait it seemed like i had a lot more to pay for. LOL damnit

well i need to pay mark d and get my car oiled so i think ill be able to do that this month…

i need to get new jeans, shoes, save up money for socal and friendship games. hahaha =] holler. i figure i dont need a camera nor do i need a new phone. it works perfectly fine. haha see what money does ughhhhh! 

butttt yeah …today ima run and try to get shit done…sigh…lets see if it works 😛

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