Ohhhh man, even though finals are over i still have to take care of pace shit. motherfuck. lol not off the hook yet. im like dreadin doing evals…its such a whackkkkjob to do right now. i hate it. and im pretty sure we’ll have to do EVALS for the working departments, but i aint gone trip just yet, ughhh i hate it. it sucks too cause i have to do it on this laptop, where im still not used to how to do things on here. boo fucking whoo…anyway, im tired, yet for the past two days i havent done much but well work…well not necessarily, but yeah…retreat is next week and it hella creeped up on me…next week is june too! UGHH wow…like i said…summer is here…lol. 

how well am i going to keep my goals close to getting accomplished? welll i hope all goes through cause i have more time now =)…i dnno what this blog is about but i just felt i needed to touch base…fuck…i want my grades already lol

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