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May 18, 2008

my spring time conclusion…

i think after last night, i feel a bit more relieved on how my future is going to look like. being on that stage with the new pace core just made me feel nostalgic for the fact that i am not returning next year. no doubt, i will be involved, but in a different kind. i figured this much, ill be doing well in school, making money, and having more free time to just fuck around lol…winks winks…jp. but i cant stress enough how much im going to miss being on core. this time around ill be missing both the workload and the people. ive done so much for pace that its ridiculous…the things i have done echos and sometimes arent really appreciated. 

who made the myspace? i did, after ed told me it would be a stupid idea. fact of the matter…it has broaden our horizon to communicating with others on a larger scale. that includes facebook too. 

who helped shape kuya/ate? cant say much more than that. 

who was in charge of making sure that general meetings had an agenda? 

who helped make pacetube possible? without my direction and at times editing skills, pacetube wouldnt have been as successful without me

the networking, pr, and just publicity through yahoogroups, emails, and myspace and facebook…things wouldnt have been the same without me

for internship at least, i know i have left my mark. having the first hoorah, internship eval, internship awards, birthday recognition, open communication with professors, slideshow, redefined lgbtqqi, stockton, …i dunno the list could go on, but im just going to leave it at that…

my whole three years at state has been giving back to the community. and now i believe its time for me to give back to me.


faye read my hand and she told me i have commitment issues and i dont settle for one guy. in the middle of my life i find two who i am confused with…but in the end im very happy…

man…she wouldnt be more on point…

love…im sick of it…yet miss it at the same time =/