I’m going crazy! lol…

REAL talk. I’m in the living room and I’m like procrastinating like no other on my PACE homework and my DAI prompt. UGHH…I didn’t waste a day, but I felt like I could have done more. hahah I’m excited about PCN. I’m in the Chris Brown piece…and in front! haha…dude I’m ready for UCB’s PCN. BRING IT! haha…sigh I cleaned too much today -_- whack. lol I hate cleaning and cleaning without recognition…lol but foreal though. shit was messy today. UGHHH I’m never buying my friends alcohol again. UGH! I never get paid back -_-. ERIC was being such a bitch last night. I dunno why. UGH…just cause you have a fucking girlfriend. UGH pisses me off…UGH!!! The end…I need to start on my shit now…

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